Workers’ Compensation

Work injuries are unexpected and can make your daily activities and/or work duties difficult to perform. Dr. Aiken has years of experience treating Workers’ Compensation patients and is certified with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. At University Chiropractic and Wellness, we are able to create individualized treatment plans for our Workers’ Compensation patients with the following methods:


Choosing chiropractic care to correct your work injury can help to avoid undergoing surgery and/or taking pain medication. Chiropractic care is effective and noninvasive treatment, thus it does not put your body under excessive stress.

Not only is chiropractic a gentler way of treating your work injury, it is also much more cost-effective. According to the Texas Workers’ Compensation Report in 2003, “The average cost of [low back injury] claims is $15,884. When a worker with a lower back injury receives at least 75% of their care from a chiropractor that cost decreases to $12,202 and when they receive at least 90% of their care from a chiropractor the average cost declines even further to $7,632.”

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