Popping Sound During Joint Adjustment


What’s the popping sound when a joint is adjusted?

Everybody wants to know what the popping sound is when you get adjusted, and chiropractors adjust synovial joints, and a synovial joint is an area where two bones touch and are surrounded by a joint capsule that’s filled with fluid called synovial fluid. When chiropractors adjust, we simply stretch the joint capsule, we open up an area that’s restricted, we restore range of motion. When we stretch right to where it’s restricted, you hear that little release sound. It’s not from the bone, nothing is breaking, the bones don’t each touch each other – it’s actually gas from in the synovial fluid being released. It doesn’t hurt and it actually lets us know that the adjustment’s taken place and has some very profoundly positive effects on your body. A chiropractic adjustment does several things all at once: it restores range of motion where range of motion was restricted, it restores normal nerve function so that there’s no longer nerve irritation, it relaxes the muscles adjacent to that vertebrae so that you have profound muscle relaxation, and it even causes endorphines to be released right at the level of the vertebrae so that it reduces pain. So, in on fell swoop, we’ve now corrected the problem that was causing the issue and we’ve reduced all of the symptoms associated with it at the same. So, the chiropractic adjustment and that popping sound is a very elegant form of healing.

via Howcast